Sense of Wonder

There isn’t a person alive in the world
who hasn’t at one time or another
looked up at night
and seen a clear sky filled with stars
and thought:
‘Oh, wow!’

And then wondered.

I bet there hasn’t lived anyone in all times and all cultures,
whether they were rich or poor, educated or not,
who lived in the desert or in the rainforest,
who looked up in awe
and thought:
‘Oh wow!’

And wondered.

There’s that moment of simply wondering
without starting to speculate,
just that spark of awareness
before any words come into play.

A wondering with a slight questioning -
but that can find nourishment in the mystery of not-knowing,
just before the neediness comes in
of wanting or even needing to know.

Wonder without grasping,
amazement which is enough,
in and of itself.

There are so many stars in the sky.....

And they’re