The Sky-Heart adventure consists of nine main elements: five phases and four gates:

Five Stages of the Sky-Heart Program


1. Remembering what’s it’s all about

- gather your Intention

In remembering what’s it’s all about we investigate what’s important for us. What do we want, really? What is our intention, our drive and our motivation? We ask the question ‘Why am I?’ to give purpose and meaning to our life.

 2. Returning to home base

- focus your attention

In returning to home base we take back the power over our attention. First, we need to see how distracted we are and what that does to us. Our attention doesn’t seem to be really our's. It goes here and there and we wonder ‘Where am I? Without attention there isn’t any clear perception. If we’re not present we miss out on what goes on with us and the world around us. That’s why we need to learn to focus and find some peace with bringing our mind home.

3. Finding the courage

- attune your attitude

In finding our courage we have a good look in the mirror. We come to see ‘how we are’, whether we’re hiding or posturing and when we’re genuine. We learn to listen to the tone of our narrative, both with ourselves and with others. Are we self-critical or kind? Through developing a compassionate attitude, we find the key to shift from fear and discouragement to encouragement and the power to bounce back from adversity with inspiration.

4. Cracking the shell

- choose your action

In cracking the shell, we break the action and reaction patterns that envelop the space of our being. We’ve seen how the effect of our actions has made us into what we are. Through integrating intention and attitude with attention in action we can transform ourselves and our behaviour and be free from what we’re not.

5. Spreading your wings

- expand your awareness

Finally, in spreading your wings our potential comes to fruition by recognising the presence of awareness in everything we do, say, feel and think. We enter our sky-heart through the gates of body, speech, emotion and thought, and we can manifest a clear head, light heart, easy interaction and relaxed body in the world. The who in the pivotal question ‘Who am I?’ turns out to be you!

The Compassion Compass

The Compassion Compass

Sky-Heart refers to the natural clarity of mind;
- present, spacious and aware -
full of compassion for oneself and others,
in resonance with nature and the universe.
— Bert van Baar

Four Gates To Enter Your Sky-Heart

1. Physical


Explores our being in a body in the physical realm. Through exercises we come to know our body and feel better in our skin. Space in the body supports space in the mind.

2. relational

- Speech-Awareness 

Focuses on how we use the energy of sound to express ourselves. We look at language and communication and the circles of truth and lies, the said and the unsaid, and how this affects our relation to ourselves, to others and to the world. Special emphasis is on the power of sound vibration to heal ourselves and on ways of finding space, clarity and ease in our communication.

3. Emotional


Looks at the power of our emotions. We learn to develop emotional intelligence to discern between constructive and destructive emotions. We tame and restrain our destructive emotions through an early warning system. We stimulate our positive emotions through releasing our potential for love and compassion from within our heart.

4. mental


Deals with both the sharpness of disciplined analysis as well as the potential for spontaneous insight through free association. We explore the power and use of contemplative thought for the dawn of insight, but also its limitations and dangers in order to go beyond the conceptual mind into Presence-Awareness and develop thinking as a tool for clarity. We explore how the absolute and relative support each other in the View of Sky-Heart.


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It's up to you

Who is living your life?
You! Nobody is doing it for you.

Who is going to Remember what’s it’s all about? It’s you.
Nobody is doing it for you. You need to set your priorities. 
You don’t want anybody else’s priorities to guide your life.

Who needs to Return to home base? You. Nobody can do it for you. 
Nobody can stop you being distracted
and it’s no point returning to someone else’s home base.
That’s simply not possible. You need to return to your home base.

Who needs to Find the courage? You do. 
Other people’s courage might inspire you, might help you, and might entertain you. 
In the end, however, you will need to face whatever it is you’ll need to face.
Nobody can look in the mirror for you.
If someone else is looking for you, they see someone else.
You are the only one who can look in the mirror for you.
And you’re the only who can recognise what is there for you to see.

Who is going to Crack the shell? You. You do. You need to do it yourself. 
Circumstances might change and help to shape the conditions
and create opportunities for you to change your habits and conditioning,
but nobody can take these opportunities or make these choices for you.
Again, you need to do this yourself.

Who is going to Spread your wings? You are. 
You are the one who is reaping the benefit. You will be enjoying the fruition of your efforts.
You can share these with others, but you’ll first need something to share.

It's all up to you!

So, the big question is: Who is this you?

Are you your body?
You certainly have one, but is that it?
Are you your feelings?
You do have them, but are they you?
Are you your thoughts?
You have lots of them, but are they you?
Are you your speech?
You say a lot and some of it means something, but is that you?

Maybe you’re all of this then? 

All your body, speech, thoughts and feelings,
together with your perceptions and imagination,
and habits, and intentions, and actions, are you? 
Thus, there seem to be whole bundles of you. True? 

Who is the one noticing all these feelings, perceptions, thoughts, and so on?
Who is aware of this?
And who is aware of this you?
Only you can find out.

Enter your Sky-Heart